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Biographical Research:  Inequality and Innovation








Location: Faculty of Social Sciences, Lomonosova 1a, Riga

Thursday 22nd September 2016

9.00-9.30               Opening (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Jānis Ikstens (UL, Vice Rector for social Sciences and Law, ASPRI Director),

Kaja Kaźmierska (Chair of ESA RN03), Ieva Pranka (Executive Director, Baltic-German University Liaison Office)


9.30-10.30               Keynote (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Vieda Skultans:  “I have no future" Narratives of Despair and Hopelessness in Post-Soviet Latvia. [Chair:  Baiba Bela]

10.30-11.00             Coffee break


11.00-13.00             Session A  (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Social Innovation and Biographical experiences [Chair:  Katinka Meyer]

1. Agnieszka Golczyńska-Grondas: Social innovation in innovators' biographical experiences

2. Jost Gerhard: Identities of Social Entrepreneurs.

3. Bartosz Sławecki and Maciej Ławrynowicz: Identity Work at the Periphery: Constructing New Professional Identities of Social Coops' Presidents

4. Baiba Bela: Personal experience of poverty - intersection of individual and social in search for social assistance.


13.00-14.00             Lunch


14.00-15.30             Session B (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Social Activism and Methodological Questions [Chair:  Agnieszka Golczyńska-Grondas ]

5. Ina Alber: Why do you (not) engage in this discourse? Methodological remarks on the triangulation of discourse and biographical analysis

6. Katarzyna Waniek: The Auto-biographical Approach to Analyze Challenges and Potentials of Liaison Work in European Context

7. Piotr Szenajch: Extreme cases and their unique epistemic value in biographical sociography

15.30-16.00             Coffee break

16.00 -17.30      Session C

World War II – Memories and Consequences [Chair:  Kaja Kaźmierska]

1. Katinka Meyer: Living without a past – Silencing of memories of the GDR’ ‘re-settlers’ 

2. Filip Pazderski: Acculturation of people from Polish Warmia/Ermland in Germany (1950ies-80ies) - implications for the biographical research on the socio-cultural barriers overcoming

3. Ieva Garda-Rozenberga and Kaspars Zellis:  Silenced voices, silenced history – Romanies’ memories of genocide during World War II


18.00–19.00      Cultural Event with Bettina Henkel (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Children below Deck

A lecture-performance about a personal story of three generations: the (late) grandmother, the father and the daughter, who is the director of the film. It focuses on the trans-generational transfer of traumatic experiences, resulting from historical transformations in north-eastern Europe.

19.30    Conference Dinner (Daily in Riga City Council, Ratslaukums 1,  entrance from arcade in the basement)


Friday 23rd September


9.30-10.30               Keynote (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Ursula Apitzsch.  European migration and its consequences. Generational experiences and biographical differences among migrant workers and their children

[Chair:  Ina Alber]

10.30 -11.00      Coffee break


11.00 -12.30      Session D (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

European migration and difficult experiences [Chair: Katarzyna Waniek]

1. Marta Eichsteller:  Globalisation of power, national politics and individual experience – the biographical perspectives on the cross-country mobility in Europe

2. Anna Dolinska: Biographical experiences of highly skilled female migrants from post-soviet countries in Poland

3. Hanna-Mari Husu and Minna Ylilahti: Finding a place after life transition: the Bourdieusian approach to experience of the long-term unemployed young adults.


12.30-13.30   Lunch


13.30-15.30       Session E (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Silenced voices and biographies [Chair:  Maruta Pranka]

1. Noga Gilad: Reconstructing Silencing in an Era of Empowerment

2. Drew Dalton: Speaking out in silence; the silenced voices of people living with HIV/AIDS and the contribution of biographical research to challenge HIV-related stigma

3. Jakub Gałęziowski: Silenced biographies of Children Born of War in Poland

4. Annele Tetere: Lived experience of coping with domestic violence in women`s life stories


15.30-16.00   Coffee break


16.00-18.00   Session F (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)

Division and Unity of Europe [Chair:  Ina Alber]

1. Maruta Pranka: The same events - different experience. Common memories

2. Edyta Andrzejczak: The cultural unity of Europeans in the context of the Erasmus experience -biographical perspective

3. Edmunds Šūpulis: A ‘geopolitical disaster’ and revisited biographies of belonging

4. Kaja Kaźmierska: Biographies and the Division of Europe – contemporary perspective


18.00-18.15   Summary and closing remarks  (Isaiah Berlin auditorium)


18.15-19.00   Business Meeting RN03